2022-23 Academic calendar

mn campus

Jan 15 College applications open

Upon Acceptance Confirmation deposit due

May Camp Scholarship applications due (will remain open as long as employment positions remain available)

June 30 Financial aid applications due

July 9 Financial aid awards will be issued

July 31 College applications close

August 8 House assignments go out (must have paid confirmation deposit)

August 23, 6:30pm All-Student Orientation & House Rally (required attendance)

August 30, 6:30pm House night

September 6 First night of class

October Fall House Parties

November 1-30 No-Quit November

November 22 No class: Thanksgiving Break

December 20  Christmas Party (on class night)

Dec 27 and Jan 3 No class: Christmas Break

January 10  Class resumes

February-March Winter House Competition

April 11 No class: Easter Break

May 23  Last Night of Class

June 2  Graduation


Jan 15 College applications open

Upon Acceptance Confirmation deposit due

June 30 Financial aid applications due

July 9 Financial aid awards will be issued

July 31 College applications close

August 8 House assignments go out (must have paid confirmation deposit)

August 25, 6:30pm All-Student Orientation (required attendance)

September 1 First night of class

November 1-30 No-Quit November

November 24 No class: Thanksgiving Break

December 15  Christmas Party (on class night)

Dec 29 and Jan 5 No class: Christmas Break

January 12 Class resumes

February-March Winter House Competition

April 13 No class: Easter Break

May 25  Last Night of Class

June 1 Graduation