We are offering two options for the 2021-2022 school year for college alumni to audit different courses.

Option 1

You get all the fun of attending the college again, but are not required to do the work. This option requires a commitment to the whole year.
$100 for either program or $200 for both. Fees cover class materials and access to Populi.

Option 2

You can pick and choose your favorite courses or maybe there is a course you want a refresher on! This option requires a commitment to attending all nights of the course.
$20 per class. Fees cover class materials and access to Populi.

You can only audit the program that you graduated from.
Example - you graduated and earned your Diploma in Biblical Studies so you can sign up for any or all of the DBS classes.

Fees need to be paid five days prior to the next course starting and are nonrefundable. 

If you drop out of an audited class, your payment will be considered a donation to the college.

Filling out the form below will direct you to the application for the alumni audit program. This application will take 5-10 minutes but it saves automatically so you can work on it over time. A $20 course fee will be due upon submission.