We keep costs as low as possible to enable people from all walks of life to pursue our programs. We also follow a monthly payment schedule that allows you to pay as you go through the program. CONTACT US if you have questions or financial needs.

Diploma in

biblical studies

(First Year Program)

TOTAL COST: $2,200

Monthly payment: 1st payment $200, remaining months $200

Tuition: $2,000

     27 credits @ $61.11/credit

     3 internship credits @ $0/credit

Student Fees: $200

TOTAL COST: $2,350

Monthly payment: 1st payment $350, remaining months $200

Tuition: $2,000

     27 credits @ $61.11/credit

     6 internship credits @ $0/credit

Student Fees: $350

International Online

Diploma In biblical studies



The cost of the program is based on your region's average income. It is our goal to make the program as affordable as possible. We know that each region has different financial circumstances. 

Please send an email to to inquire about the cost for your specific region.

Tuition Payment Plan

20% due August 1, 2023

40% due January 2, 2024

40% due May 1, 2024


We follow a monthly payment plan with 11 payments throughout the year. This plan allows you to pay as you go for courses.

Due July 2: All student, technology, and course fees               

Due Aug 1: 1/10 of tuition

Due Sep 1: 1/10 of tuition                                   

Due Oct 1: 1/10 of tuition

Due Nov 1: 1/10 of tuition                                

Due Dec 1: 1/10 of tuition

Due Jan 1: 1/10 of tuition

Due Feb 1: 1/10 of tuition

Due Mar 1: 1/10 of tuition

Due Apr 1: 1/10 of tuition

Due May 1: 1/10 of tuition