Bible school for everyday life

The first Jesus-followers were normal people just like you. 

Men. Women. Business owners. Families. Dropouts. Nerds. Social activists. 

All were different, but all had one thing in common:

They chose to follow Jesus and their lives were never the same.

That's why we help normal, everyday Jesus-followers (not just ones called to ministry!)

BE disciples and MAKE disciples:

because a relationship with Jesus changes everything. 

Grow closer to Jesus. Connect with other believers. Stand firm in your faith. Change a life. 


 "Two years ago I had no idea where I was going next and through this course I have been able to find a closer relationship with God. This experience gave me a new purpose and new enthusiasm for life."

Mason F. | Class of 2022

 "I knew the Gospel and New Testament; I was very familiar with it. What I didn't know is that it points back to the Old Testament and the Old Testament points to Jesus. I thought the Old Testament was just a bunch of old stories entirely irrelevant to the Gospel. How wrong I was!"

Bob W. | Class of 2022

" Great school with a great mission and vision. I feel a spark in my spirit from the teachings. I am learning and was able to baptize someone in the Arabian Sea this year! God bless FGBC in this ministry.”

International Student- Roji U. | Class of 2023

  “I enjoyed the fellowship and the love that was outpoured. The teachings were very relatable and easy to understand. I am beyond grateful for the life change and continued growth. I have become more of who I am in Jesus and will continue to share it with others as I continue His path."

Roxanne A. | Class of 2022

 "Through the knowledge I gained, I have not only grown as a person, but gained the confidence and knowledge to live in the way I am called to and will share it with others. It has truly been a game changer for my faith and for my life.”

Rachel F. | Class of 2022

"I found the experience of attending FGBC edifying on so many levels, but mainly by revealing to me the truth and power of Jesus. His word, the pastors/instructors, and last but not least the Holy Spirit inspired me and strengthened my relationship with God."

Preston D. | Class of 2022