Following Jesus changes everything. 

When you place your faith in Jesus, you step into the story found in the pages of Scripture. Entering that relationship redefines and redirects your entire life! As you walk in the will of your good and holy God, you discover a purpose so much greater than yourself and your current circumstances.

At Free Grace Bible College (formerly The Crossing College), Jesus-followers jumpstart their life-long journey of discipleship through Bible-based, hands-on teaching. Students gain understanding of foundational Christian theology, learn how to pray and study their Bibles, and put what they learn into practice in an Internship at their home church. All of this is done in small class sizes with trained Alumni Mentors serving as a spiritual and academic support through the year.  

Our leadership program provides further training in biblical leadership principles and personal discovery so that each person can discover the calling God has for their life.


We are a small, church-based college in Elk River, Minnesota. Classes meet Monday nights during the school year. As of August 1, 2019, our name changed from The Crossing College to Free Grace Bible College. 


Free Grace Bible College is a ministry owned and operated by Free Grace United and functions within its vision, mission, and values.

We support our church by equipping and activating Jesus-followers for ministry, whether that ministry is planting a church, teaching the Bible to your kids, or helping a neighbor meet Jesus! 

Students are not required to attend Free Grace United, but they must participate in a local church.


The staff and faculty at Free Grace Bible College are passionate about helping people follow Jesus, wherever they are in their spiritual journey. Each faculty member contributes to course curriculum and instruction according to his or her spiritual gifts, experience, and education.  

  • Karli Phelps

    - Director -

  • PastorS Eric & KELLY Dykstra

    - Senior Pastors/Faculty -

  • Pastor JIM Lacy

    - College pastor -

  • Pastor Silas Austin

    - Dean of Students -

  • Dr. Ron Keller, Ph.D

    - Faculty -

  • Michelle Kelley

    - Administrative Assistant -

  • Josh Felland

    - Tech Lead -

Alumni Mentors

Alumni Mentors serve as a spiritual and academic support for students and are a crucial part of the college team. At the beginning of the year, each student is assigned a mentor group of 4-6 students that is led by one of these trained mentors. 

2019-2020 Mentors (from left to right): Scott Uram, Josh Felland, Josh Etzler, Dawn Etzler, Kristin Lowe, and Katie Sanford.