Our academics are designed to help you develop a firm foundation of faith in the context of a strong community of believers. Every student starts with the Diploma in Biblical Studies program, and then has the option to apply for the second year program, earning them an Associates degree in Christian Leadership and Ministry. 

  • Learn the structure of the Bible, the story of the Old Testament, foundational Christian theology, spiritual formation and personal evangelism. You will learn personal spiritual disciplines (how to pray and study your Bible), and develop a lifestyle of faithful service with an internship at your home church.


  • PROGRAM 2: Associates Degree

    2 years | 63 credits

    Layer practical leadership and personal development on top of your foundation in Biblical knowledge. Learn about your wiring, spiritual gifting, and how God has called you to impact the world. Develop communication skills so you are able to effectively share the Gospel and God's Word with others. Intern in your local church and become equipped to develop a healthy church or organizational culture wherever you're called to live or lead.