Distance learning

Distance learning & online classes

Students whose primary residence is more than 60 miles from one of our campuses will be given an option to enroll in Distance Learning. Our strong preference is that you attend classes on site. Your experience will be vastly enhanced by learning in-person, in community with your classmates, even if it requires a commute. BUT if you're far, far away, we would still love to have you join our student body through Distance Learning. Best case scenario? Ask a friend or family member to enroll along with you so you can share the journey and have a study-buddy.

The College faculty, staff and TA'S are committed to...

  • Establishing a healthy environment to support students.
  • Cultivating authentic community among our students through our House System.
  • Raising up active disciple makers in the Body of Christ.
  • Developing whole-hearted followers of Jesus

We work hard to ensure that students who are Distance Learning will still experience these crucial parts of discipleship. 


    Classes are Tuesdays from 6:30-8:45pm CT. Distance Learners are required to attend live via Zoom. Distance Learners are required to be active participants in their own local church and must arrange for FGBC to connect with a volunteer supervisor at their home church for internship evaluations (3x year).

    If a student is unable to stream live, special permission must be secured ahead of time to view the recorded class before the next Tuesday. (See attendance policy in student handbook.)

  • Live class recordings

    All classes will be recorded live and uploaded to our online college management software. Those who must miss a class due to medical or other reasons will be required to either stream live or watch the recorded class prior to the next week's class time. (See attendance policy in student handbook.)

  • Included online account

    We use a secure, web-based college management software called Populi. No need to learn multiple apps - everything from your initial application to your tuition payments, from recorded classes to your quizzes will happen on Populi, whether attending in-person or online.

    Your account is automatically added upon your acceptance in one of our programs - no setup required.

  • required weekly fellowship

    Fellowship is an integral part of discipleship, which is why our students are required to attend church weekly and participate in the college community through our House System.

    Distance students will be required to have connection points with housemates, disciplers, and/or College Staff/Pastors each week.

  • learning and tech support

    Going to college can be a daunting task, especially when new technology is involved. But no FGBC student is on their own - even if Distance Learning!

    All students will receive as much support as they need to succeed in their classes, whether that's academic coaching, tech assistance, additional materials, or prayer.

student requirements

TECHNOLOGY: All students - whether Distance Learning or attending in-person - must have access to the following materials:

  • Reliable internet access
  • Computer, tablet, or mobile device with a webcam and microphone
  • Working printer (color ink preferred, but not required)
  • Active email address and phone number with voicemail and texting ability
  • GroupMe smartphone app; used for quick student communication & community

ATTENDANCE: Attendance and class participation credit have four required components. 

  1. Learning: Attendance is required on-site or live streamed if Distance Learning. In the event of an emergency or illness, recorded instruction must be viewed live within one week of the original teaching date, prior to the next class.
  2. Community: Each student must participate in weekly House community-building time (provided on-site most class nights from 8:30-8:45). Distance learners will have House group online in a break-out session via zoom.
  3. Mentorship: Each student will be assigned a personal discipler within their House group who will check in with him/her on a bi-weekly basis. 
  4. Communication: All students must communicate with their class's TA in a timely manner regarding attendance and assignments.*

*The college staff reserves the right to modify, supplement, or increase these attendance requirements on an individual and student-body level as the year progresses in order to better support struggling students. Adjustments will occur with the students' prior knowledge and written agreement and will take student needs, abilities, and limitations into account.