Biblical and Theological Studies


BTS 101 | THEOLOGY 1 (4 credits)

Begin your study of theology with a practical breakdown of Bibliology - the study of the Bible. Learn the process of how the Bible was written, translated, and passed down through the centuries so that you can trust it to be true and discover how to ready and study it for yourself. 

BTS 112 | THEOLOGY 2 (3 credits)

Knowing the truth about God's character and wars. These truths will change everything about how you view God, yourself and the world around you. As you discover His character, His plans, and His heart for you, you'll find that the pieces of your life come together as you seek Him.

BTS 133 | THEOLOGY 3 (3 credits)

This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of Angelology and the Spiritual Warfare that goes along with it.

BTS 114 | THEOLOGY 4 (4 credits)

The study of creationism verses evolution and how mankind came to be. You will also learn about the end times, study of sin and how we have been saved by grace.

BTS 201 | OLD TESTAMENT STORY (4 credits)

The Old Testament is an epic, sweeping drama that reveals God's heart for His people - which includes YOU! Dispel the myths and learn the truth about your good God as you grasp the epic story found in the first 2/3 of the Bible. You'll also learn biblical history, geography, and basic reading skills to aid you in your personal studies.

BTS 221 | NEW TESTAMENT THEOLOGY 1 (4 credits)

The entirety of western culture was radically altered by a nondescript Jewish carpenter from Nazareth. Choosing to become His disciple will change your life forever! Immerse yourself in the four Gospels to learn about Jesus' life, His followers, and His teaching, and - most importantly - His sacrifice for you.

BTS 222 | NEW TESTAMENT THEOLOGY 2 (4 credits)

Jesus' death and resurrection initiated a new way of living for followers of God. The books of the New Testament show us the power of the Gospel! As you come to understand how to live under grace by the power of the Spirit for the glory of Christ, you'll experience a new urgency to share the Good News with your community - just like those first believers. 

BTS 401 | BIBLICAL ETHICS (2 credits)

In a world that makes decisions based on feelings, situational ethics, and popular opinion, Christians need tools to help us develop our beliefs/opinions and make decisions. Correctly interpreting Scripture and asking the right questions will help us see the world through the lenses of a biblical/God-honoring worldview.