Internship (INT)

Learning is more than just sitting in a classroom. Putting that learning into practice is so much more valuable (and fun!) 

Our programs include a Church Internship, in which you will volunteer your time to help others know Jesus. 

Not only will you be earning college credit by helping others, you'll also

build your skills, meet cool people, and put down roots in your community.

When you start the year, you get to choose your volunteer area at your own home church (if you aren't currently serving). 


Diploma InternshipDBS and ACLM (Year 1)

(1 credit/term)

This internship focuses on the basics of being a healthy, reliable volunteer at your home church. We'll encourage you to be an active member of your team and to engage healthy practices for spiritual growth, including weekly rest, consistent attendance at a local church, and daily prayer and time in God's Word.

Associates Internship | ACLM (Year 2) and ACLM Fast Track

(2 credits/term)

This internship is a step up from the Diploma Internship. It expects the basics of healthy, reliable serving, but also challenges you to embrace this volunteer role as your ministry. You'll have increased requirements in the level or amount of volunteering commitment, and you'll receive additional support from your supervisor. You'll also get guidance and accountability for goal-setting within your ministry. 


Each student's internship is unique to his/her interests, gifts, schedule, and - most importantly - home church. Our Internship Coordinator will work with your pastor to develop a suitable internship position for you. Distance Learning? No problem! We'll work with you to determine what your internship needs to look like for your current season of life.