This program is designed to give you tools and wisdom to live out your calling to its fullest.


After graduating from ACLM, year 2 program, students will be able to apply for the Certificate in Advanced Theological Studies program.

If accepted to the third year program, you'll...

  • Deepen your understanding of Biblical world-views
  • Gain Biblical principles on a Christ centered marriage and family
  • Learn the importance of leadership and soul care
  • Enhance your knowledge of the history of the church and what it looks like today
  • Know the authority you have in Christ and how to live that out
  • Understand intercessory prayer, healing, and deliverance
  • Better your knowledge of world religions and world missions
  • Acquire the basics of Biblical counseling

certificate in advanced theological studies

36 credits | $2500

school year 2024-25 tuesdays 6:30-8:45pm

fall term


BTS 501- Basics of Dispensationalism

BTS 501- Christ Centered Marriage and Family

BTS 502- Biblical Worldview

BTS 503- History of the Church

BTS 504- Epistles of Peter

LMT 502- Intercessory Prayer

BTS 505- World Religions                                                                                                                     





BTS 506- Book of Acts

BTS 507- Believers Authority in  Christ

PSF 502- Deliverance and Healing Ministry

BTS 508- History of Revival in America

PSF 503- Soul Care

BTS 509- The Epistles of Paul

BTS 510- History of Israel

PSF 504- Basics of Biblical Counseling

BTS 511- Book of Revelation

LMT 503- World Missions

BTS 512- Law and Grace Refresher


Minimum age for DBS is 16 years at time of application. If under 18, parental consent is required and student must be enrolled in high school with a GPA of at least 2.5 and an acceptable attendance record. Completed online application, including character reference.  If student is married, spousal reference must be completed along with application.

Application Fee: $25.00 upon submission of application